Fleur de Sel de Kampot
Kampot Refined Salt, Kampot Coarse
Kampot Natural Salt & Fleur de Sel- Thyda
#001, Tvy Khang Tboung Village
Aondoung Khmer Commune
Kampot Town, Kampot Province
(+855) 95 444 864, (+855) 71 6666 778 | (+855) 12 330 070


THAUNG Enterprise is an private company that promote Cambodia natural salt product for Kampot Region. It was founded by Narin BUN and Thyda THAUNG in Kampot in 2016 and has since spread locally and internationally. THAUNG Enterprisse is strategically located in the center of the Kampot province with total salt field size of 50 hac land and 25 stuff as the team work. Promoted as an alternative from family business to professional medium enterprise, it strives to preserve traditional and regional business model to another step of SME as part of the backbone of economic growth. It was the first established part of the broader slow movement. Its goals of sustainable local salt and product and promotion of local small businesses are paralleled by a political agenda direction as SME. THAUNG Enterprise began in Kampot with the founding of its orientated family member as stated in enterprise structure . The THAUNG Enterprise has expanded to include over 7 members of salt producer in Kampot regional as a natural artisan salt and flower of salt cluster with supported by Mekong Institute . Small factory has been established in December 2016 and officially registered under the provincial office in Kampot, Cambodia . THAUNG Enterprise incorporates a series of objectives within vision of serving healthy and beneficial products and services using resources available in the community to significantly improve the community back and mission as to be one of the leading companies who provides the best quality products and services to customers that contribute to their wellbeing and healthy lifestyles.




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